The Best Ethnic Banarasi Shalu Saree that You can Buy for your Dream Wedding


What is Banarasi Shalu?

“Banarasi Shalu” is a silk saree from Banaras (Varanasi), India. This is one of the most popular saree types in the traditional sarees category, although not as Paithani Saree.

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Banarasi Shalu sarees are often worn by brides in Maharashtra. This is what a Banarasi Shalu Saree looks like. For example, you can check out the sample image below.


You can also check out the below video for trending banarasi Shalu sarees designs.

Banarasi Shalu – Saree Origin

Banarasi Shalu is also known as fine variant of Banarasi Silk. First thing to remember is that it originates from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India.

This saree is completely embellished at the base with Zari motifs. As a result, it looks more rich and elegant in comparison to other sarees.

Banarasi shalu has a single base colour. But most importantly it has a contrasting colour of border and pallu. The most popular colour combinations one can find in this saree are below.

#Saree ColourBorder – Pallu ColourReverse Combination*
2MaroonBottle GreenYes
3Navy BlueGoldenNo
4Rani PinkBottle GreenYes
5MustardBottle GreenNo
6RamaBottle GreenYes
7VineBottle GreenYes
8RedBottle GreenNo
*Reverse combination means saree colour & border – pallu colour can be swaped.

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How to Identify Banarasi Shalu?

Banarasi Shalu sarees are made using golden zari threads along with the quality grade silk fabrics. As a result, these sarees are known for their artistic brilliance.


Banarasi Shalu sarees are often referred to as the queen of Indian sarees. These sarees uniquely combine Persian and Indian styles. To put it differently, they are decorated with small butties or motifs across the entire length of the saree.

These motifs can be floral or foliate (leaf like design). Delicate embroidery work and especially detailed zari work is the main identification of Banarasi shalu sarees.

Let’s talk about the spectacular designs of Banarasi Shalu sarees in detail. Banarasi sarees have the most detailed border designs. Because they comprise of beautiful flower motifs or interesting Jaal designs spread across the border.


This design varies from saree to saree and thus, makes this saree look impressive.

The beauty of this saree is that it can be worn in any function and thus, making these sarees invaluable. To emphasize this, you know it takes artisans days to weave these amazing Banarasi Shalu sarees.

A Banarasi silk Saree can glamourize your look without much ado and additionally it can be worn to any festive or traditional occasion.

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Sarees based on Banarasi Shalu

It is important to know that Banarasi Shalu sarees are 6.30 metres in length and 1.14 metres (approx) in width. This 6.30 metres length is further divided as 5.50 metres saree and 0.80 metres as blouse piece and they both are connected throughout as a single piece of saree.


Now, let’s talk more about the Banarasi shalu saree in detail. Sarees made as Shalu are particularly Banarasi silk sarees which have a lot of detailing made from jari all over it .

So what is the kind of detailing that you can find on this saree?

Banarasi Shalu saree has the most amazing and detailed golden Jari weaving woven through the saree in the first place. And there are truly different patterns of Jari weaving made on the this Saree.

Let’s talk about the latest patterns in detail that are trending in Banarasi shalu saree and look beautiful.

1. The Plain and Border Style

Firstly, this style of Banarasi shalu saree is a plain saree based on banarasi silk fabric. In addition, it has a beautiful Jari Border woven through the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


2. The All over Butta Style

Firstly, this style of Banarasi shalu saree has different kinds of buttis woven from Jari all over the saree. Another key point is a beautiful Jari Border woven through the saree. 

Above all, these are the current trending buttas in Banarasi shalu saree.

#Butta Style
1Peacock Motif Buttas
2Flower Motif Buttas
3Geometric Shapes Buttas
Popular Banarasi Shalu Saree buttas

Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


3. The All over Butta Style with Diamond and Stone

Firstly, this saree style has buttis made of zari and it has diamonds or stones fitted on top of Jari butta. Finally, the border of the saree has diamonds or stones fitted on top of zari border. 

After all, this makes the saree look much more rich and shiny. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


In general, the bride or the one who will be wearing the Banarasi Shalu saree can add accessories with this saree. For instance, you can obviously pair this saree with stone-studded sandals and ethnic jewellery to complete your gorgeous ensemble.

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Banarasi Shalu is not only an integral part of a woman’s wedding saree collection, but it also looks great on festive occasions. Therefore, banarasi silk sarees are an all-time classic and a must-have for the connoisseur of Indian sarees.


Our favourite type of Banarasi shalu saree is certainly the “all over butta” style of woven Jari but we would love to know which type of Banarasi shalu saree did you like the most. Therefore, you can tell us by leaving a comment below.

If you wish to buy banarasi shalu saree then you don’t need to take a trip to the holy city of Varanasi for this saree as you can buy Banarasi shalu sarees conveniently from the Hindmata Market, Dadar.

In other words, shopping here in Hindmata Market means that you get a wider range of colors and designs to choose from. Another key point is that a good quality banarasi shalu saree price starts from Rs 3,000 and above.

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    And most importantly let me tell you that this is one traditional saree type that every woman should try at least once in their lifetime.

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