Why you should Buy a Pretty Brasso Saree, that is High End in Style


What is Brasso Saree?

Brasso is a saree in which the motifs are created by burning a part of the fabric into attractive designs. These effects are usually created in sheer fabric like chiffon or a georgette and motifs are offset by a solid fabric like velvet or cotton.

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Brasso Sarees have beautiful and intricate patterns embossed on them. They are available in a variety of colours, textures and fabrics. They have a classy look as this fabric makes a good base for embellishments and mix n match designs.

Fabrics Origin

Brasso is a textile technique in which the design is burnt out on the parts of fabric to get a more textured design. This technique has been around for ages now and was used to make bridal sarees which presented royalty and glamour.


Brasso truly defined high-end sarees worn by women who belonged to the elite class. Initially, the fabric used for Brasso was mostly cotton, but with the passage of time, this technique was also applied to other fabrics.

The making of Brasso is generally out of an acid itch process which involves the burning of fabric in order to create a more textured design. The saree makers can apply this technique to all kinds of soft fabrics like tissue, chiffon, silk, velvet, and many more.

This technique is beautiful, ornate, and looks glamorous on all kinds of Indian sarees. The flowy drape like appeal that is intrinsic with a traditional style is an inherent quality present in Brasso saree.


Brasso saree design look great in all sorts of colors that range from Mehendi green, red, pink, yellow, black, cream, white, navy blue, sky blue and even gold.

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How to Identify Brasso Saree?

Brasso saree has wispy, soft tissue like fabrics with gorgeous designs that is unique in every sense of the word. Also popularly known as ‘burnt out fabric’, this fabric can vary from Chiffon to Velvet and even Corduroy.

Moreover, the saree makers can texture it in various ways and have an exclusive sense of style, unlike other fabrics and designs.


Brasso is a delicate fabric and therefore requires gentle care as well. One must send in their brasso made sarees for dry cleaning in order to get the best results. Also, keeping these sarees in an air-tight box is advisable in order to keep the longevity of the fabric, design and color.

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Sarees based on Brasso Fabric

Brasso has been a great source of creative inspiration for craftsmen and designers across the world. Brasso sarees have been a defining niche of Indian fashion across various style spectrums. 


It is important to know that sarees made out of this Brasso fabric are 6.30 metres in length and 1.14 metres (approx) in width. This 6.30 metres length is further divided as 5.50 metres saree and 0.80 metres as blouse piece and they both are connected through a thin single stitch.

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Brasso Sarees

Now, let’s talk more about this saree. Sarees made on Brasso are usually work and print sarees.

So what is the kind of work and print that you can find on a Brasso saree?

Several Indian designers have experimented with brasso to a large extent and have used their creative genius to make the fabric popular across various mediums like silk, net, chiffon and many more. Resham, zari, gota, and kundan work is very popular and such designs are common with gorgeous looking Brasso sarees. 


Brasso sarees are available in so many different varieties. These sarees look rich and elegant, hence women usually wear them on traditional occasions.

Let’s talk about the latest brasso saree patterns that are trending and look beautiful.

1. Prints Style

This style of saree is a brasso printed saree based on mostly chiffon fabric. People sometimes refer it as brasso chiffon saree. It has beautiful leaves-jaal or floral prints made from brasso and sometimes has a zari border or broket border attached to the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


2. Net Style

This style of saree is a brasso net saree. Thus, has a net fabric base. It has beautiful jaal design made from brasso. It also has a velvet border with zari work attached to the saree. Net sarees with Brasso work are a rage these days. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


3. Work Style

This style of saree is a brasso saree based on mostly georgette fabric. It has beautiful phool patti work, gota work, resham, zari or kundan work. This has become a major trend with brasso sarees. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


4. Half-Half Style

This style of saree is a Brasso saree based on georgette, velvet, or art silk fabric. Normally, there are sarees where the entire work is in Brasso but here only the pallu has this burnout design. You can call it as half-half Brasso silk saree, Brasso georgette saree, or Brasso velvet saree.

You can find this type of saree in two tones that look more stylish and elegant. Have a look at the below images so that you better understand this style.


Brasso saree is an elegant attire that women love to wear during weddings, parties, large scale events or for traditional festivals and rituals. Brasso sarees look very trendy and chic as well, and are a classic hit with the youth.

Quarter sleeved, vintage style saree blouses in Brasso are also gaining a lot of momentum in the Indian fashion circuit, and various Bollywood actresses have been seen flaunting this style. Brasso fabric looks divine in long flowy sarees with large floral motifs and embellishments.

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Over the years, this saree has evolved to stay in line with the latest fashion trends. For instance, its versatility is what makes it beautiful. Whether it’s a festival or your brother’s engagement, a Brasso saree will ensure you are all about grandeur and elegance that evening.


While our favourite type is the “Net Brasso Saree” style, we would love to know which type did you like the most. Therefore, tell us by leaving a comment below.

And let me tell you that Brasso sarees give off a more luxurious look and are also high end in terms of style and fashion.

If this fabric interests you then the best place to check out Brasso sarees wholesale is Hindmata Market, Dadar. You will surely find a lot of amazing varieties of Brasso Saree here. A good quality Brasso saree price starts from Rs 1,000 and above.

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