Want to Buy a Stunning Paithani Saree, This Guide will help You


What is Paithani Saree?

Paithani saree is a typical traditional silk saree which is available in two types –  pure silk and art (artificial) silk fabric. This saree is widely used since a long time for wearing in marriage functions.

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Paithani Sarees

Paithani Sarees

“Paithani” the name might sound quite familiar to most of you because when you think of saree, this is usually the first type of saree that comes to your mind. 


Paithani is a type of saree as discussed above and is named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. 

This saree was first handmade there (Paithan town), but in the present day, Yeola town in Nashik, Maharashtra is the largest manufacturer of pure silk Paithani saree.

Pure silk Paithani saree is made from very fine silk and it is considered as one of the most expensive saris in India. Here’s the sample image of pure silk paithani saree designs.

Though there is nothing like pure silk Paithani saree but you will have to maintain it so hard that even a drop of water spilled on it can spoil or fade the saree.

Its colour can get faded even if it is just stored or exposed to light for quite some time. You will have to take extreme care of the pure silk Paithani saree even after spending a huge amount of money.

However, Art (artificial) silk Paithani saree is much more affordable than the Pure silk Paithani saree.

The Art silk paithani saree looks much shinier and colourful and of course much easier to maintain. Here’s the sample image of art silk Paithani saree.


Alright, so most of the people these days prefer Art silk paithani saree over the pure silk paithani saree. Why?

Because you will usually wear this saree on special occasions for 2-4 hours. So why spend a huge amount of money on pure silk paithani saree. Hence, we will talk more about art silk paithani sarees.

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How to Identify Art Silk Paithani Saree?

Paithani sarees are uniquely characterized by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a Peacock design. 

Paithani sarees are available in Plain as well as all over butti designs. Among other varieties, single color and kaleidoscope-color designs are also popular.

To achieve the kaleidoscopic effect, the artisans use one color for weaving lengthwise and another for weaving widthwise.

One more way to identify the art silk paithani sarees is that you can see the backside of these sarees. It will always have the weaving threads coming out of the saree. Because it is machine-made. But it’s not bad, it’s made that way.

You will usually find the below traditional colours as regular in this saree.

  1. Pophali – yellow
  2. Red
  3. Lavender – Purple
  4. Neeli Gunji – sky blue
  5. Magenta
  6. Motiya – peach pink
  7. Brinjal – purple
  8. Pearl pink
  9. Peacock – blue/green,
  10. Yellowish green,
  11. Kusumbi – violet red
  12. Pasila – red and green
  13. Gujri – black and white
  14. Mirani – black and red

Art silk paithani sarees will always look shinier and bright if you see it closely. The below picture shows a close glimpse of art silk paithani sarees.



Sarees based on Paithani

Paithani sarees are made of silk and zari. It is a plain weave, with weft figuring designs according to the principles of tapestry.

The artisans cleanse the raw silk with caustic soda. They dye it in the requisite shades and then carefully separate the threads.

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Paithani Sarees

Paithani Sarees

The Khari ( True / Real ) zari costs about Rs. 1,800 for 250 grams but the artisans will not use it in art silk paithani. They only use artificial Zari.

Artificial Zari is a plastic thread yarn with a metallic coating. These threads are shiny and artisans use them in all the art silk paithani varieties. Artisans use them in weaving so much so that the surface looks like a shiny gold base.

It is important to know that Art silk paithani sarees are 6.30 metres in length and 1.14 metres (approx) in width. To divide this 6.30 metres length further, 5.50 metres is saree and 0.80 metres is a blouse piece. A thin single stitch connects both.

Now, let’s talk more about the Art Silk Paithani sarees. Paithani Sarees usually fall in the traditional sarees category.

So what are the kind of traditional patterns that you can find on Art silk Paithani saree?

Artisans usually use art silk in warp and weft. A single art silk paithani saree may weigh around 500 grams approx. unlike the pure silk one which weighs more than 1 KG. 

The artisans usually make warp in the peg or drums warping process and tie it in ball form at the back of the loom. They use coloured silk mostly in figure work, but the solid border has extra weft figuring threads.

The weft for borders and body is different, hence they adopt three shuttle weaving, two for border and one for the plain body. The border, therefore, appears as separately woven and then stitched to the body of the sari.

Sometimes, they do a separate pallu warp while twisting on the body. The end piece also has art silk.

Warp threads are only of zari and it forms a golden ground. Upon this, the artisans weave an angular, brightly coloured silk designs in the weft interlocking, thus, producing a tapestry effect.

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Due to proximity to the Ajanta caves, the influence of the Buddhist paintings can be seen in the woven Paithani motifs:

  1. The Kamal or lotus flower on which Buddha sits or stands
  2. The Hans motif
  3. The Ashraffi motif
  4. The Asawalli (flowering vines), became very popular during the Peshwa’s period
  5. The morbangdi, peacock in bangle
  6. The Tota-Maina
  7. The Humarparinda, peasant bird
  8. The Amar Vell
  9. The Narali motif, very common

Small motifs like circles, stars, kuyri, rui phool, kalas pakhhli, chandrakor, clusters of 3 leaves, were very common for the body of the sari.

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Let’s talk about the Pallu designs on Paithani sarees.

  1. Muniya, a kind of parrot used in borders and always found in green color with an occasional red touch at the mouth
  2. Panja, a geometrical flower-like motif, most often outlined in red
  3. Barwa, 12 strands of a ladder; 3 strands on each side
  4. Laher, the design is done in the center to strengthen the zari
  5. Muthada, a geometrical design
  6. Asawali, a flower pot with a flowering plant
  7. Mor, a peacock


While our favourite type of art silk paithani saree is the “Tota Maina” style of Motif and a Mor Pallu, we would love to know which type did you like the most. Therefore, tell us by leaving a comment below.

And let me tell you that Art silk Paithani saree is one traditional saree type that every woman should try.

If this fabric interests you then the best place to check out Paithani sarees is Hindmata Market, Dadar. You will surely find a lot of amazing varieties of paithani saree for the wedding here. A good quality art silk paithani saree price starts from Rs 1,300 and above.

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