How to Get Sophisticated Kurti with latest designs and Buy that in Wholesale


What is Kurti?

A kurti is a long top, generally of knee-length, paired with a Salwar or Churidar and a Dupatta. It is usually referred to as Salwar-Kurti-Dupatta get-up.

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Since ancient times, the kurti has been one of the traditional attires for women in India. Initially, this outfit was a form of regular clothing worn by women, but later kurti became a fashion attire for women, which has made Indian Kurtis evolve into different styles and patterns.

Kurti Origin 

Since ancient times, Kurti or a top is an upper garment worn by a female in India. Traditionally, the term kurti referred to waist coats, jackets and blouses which sit above the waist without side slits.


The kurti is different from the choli as the choli leaves the midriff exposed. Kurti has always been a typical dressing pattern of Indians especially the northern regions.

The trend and origin of this clothing style is from northern India and even today though the women from all over India wear modern kurtis but it is majorly worn by women in the north while the south prefers saree.

Traditional Styles of Kurtis

Let’s talk about the ancient and traditional styles of kurtis which include the following:

Punjabi Kurti: In the Punjab region, the Kurti was a short cotton waistcoat. It had buttons down the front to the waist. The Kurti had half or full sleeve and hip length with no front or back opening. 


Bihari Kurti: In Bihar, the term Kurti was a bodice which was a combination of the choli and jacket.

Uttar Pradesh Kurti: The Kurti in Uttar Pradesh and the adjoining Himalayas region was a short blouse.

Gujarat Kurti: In Gujarat and Kathiawar, the Kurti was a coat that falls to just below the waist.

Rajasthan Kurti: The Kurti in Rajasthan was a full sleeve, tightly fitting, buttonless Top.

Contrary to the various Kurti styles and forms found today, if we look back at the early 19th Century, this Indian Kurti back then was usually very simple with barely any elaborate designs.


The most common fabric in use to make Kurtis was Cotton. The second was Silk, which was only in use to make Kurtis for special occasions, or for people with higher social standing and wealth.

In today’s modern world, manufacturers across India make different Kurti fabrics along with different stitching patterns. You will usually find all the colours as regular in Kurtis.

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How to Identify Today’s Modern Kurti Trends?

With immense creativity and advancement in techniques in the Indian fashion industry, the kurti has also seen different faces. These days, one can opt for kurtis with modern art designs that are different than the usual traditional ones. 


Initially, Women were wearing Kurtis only over an Indian trouser form i.e. ‘Pajama’, but these days the younger generation often teams the Kurtis with jeans and leggings. Collars, stonework, zari work, and Resham embroidery are some of the most modern designs popular for Kurtis.

When we speak of designs, embellishments, and fabrics that go into the making of Kurtis, there is no end to variety. They are available in all kinds of styles, ranging from short to long, from printed ones to extremely embellished ones.

There are Kurtis for every event. Whether you want to go for a heavily embroidered Kurtis or a casual one with solid colors or prints, there is definitely a piece available for every occasion.

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Kurtis based on Today’s Trends

It is important to know that today’s kurtis are available in these sizes: 

Medium (M) – 38”, Large (L) – 40”, Xtra Large (XL) – 42”, 2 Xtra Large (2XL) – 44”

These sizes are regular sizes which you can find in all the patterns. 


Apart from these regular sizes there are 2 types of special sizes available.

1. Special sizes lesser than Medium (M) are

Small (S) – 36” and Xtra Small (XS) – 34”. 

2. Special sizes greater than 2 Xtra Large (2XL) are: 

3XL (46”), 4XL (48”), 5XL (50”), 6XL (52”) and 7XL (54”). 

Now, let’s talk more about these modern Kurtis.

Today’s trendy Kurti’s categorization is on the basis of Fabric type, Pattern type, and Design type.

A. Kurtis based on Fabric Type:

The latest fabric types that are widely in use to manufacture Kurtis are Georgette fabric, Cotton fabric, Silk fabric, Rayon fabric, and Khadi fabric.

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B. Kurtis based on Pattern Type:

Below are the latest stitch patterns on Kurtis that are popular and widely accepted by today’s designers and consumers. 

1. Flare Kurtis:

This Kurtis have a decent flare from the mid reef till the knee length. This Kurtis usually have different prints all over this dress.

2. Anarkali Kurtis:

This Kurtis have a long flare from the mid reef till the floor-length. This Kurtis can have prints all over or work on the top portion of this dress.

3. Straight Cut Kurtis:

This Kurtis are straight with a cut from hip till bottom on both sides of the Kurti. This Kurtis can have prints or work on them. This type is the most popular pattern that almost every woman prefers. 

4. A-Line Kurtis:

This Kurtis are like the “A” shape, normal from the top and slowly getting broader till it reaches the bottom of the Kurti. This Kurtis can have prints or work on it.


5. Other Patterns that have lately become popular are Stand Collar Kurtis and Bell Sleeves Kurtis.


C. Kurtis based on Design Type:

The latest kurti design types that are widely in use to manufacture Kurtis are Block Prints and Embroidery Work.

So, When you think of Kurtis, you think of comfort, right? The high comfort factor is what makes Kurtis a form of clothing loved by all. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can adapt to any season or occasion.

During the harsh Indian summers, Cotton Kurtis are in everyone’s ‘to get and wear’ list due to its effortless style and comfort level. In a similar way, you can wear georgette Kurtis during the Rainy season.

Similarly, a Silk Kurtis with heavy embroidery work are a wonderful pick for a wedding or a party. On the other hand, Cotton, Khadi or Rayon are perfect for office or day to day wear.

You can wear a Kurti with a fitted churidar or salwar for a traditional look or with jeans for an Indo-western look.

To accessorize Kurtis, you can wear Silver or Gold jewelry. In fact, long earrings, or a Silver bracelet also adds the extra charm to your dress and make it look elegant and refined.

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Kurti has become a popular form of clothing not only in India, but in countries all over the world.

From the younger to the older generations, this attire has indeed made a prominent place for itself in everyone’s hearts for its comfort and style.

Its versatility with traditional as well as fusion looks has made it a truly global fashion pick.

While our favourite type is the “Straight Cut” style, we would love to know which type of Kurti did you like the most. Therefore, tell us by leaving a comment below.

And let me tell you that Kurti has no limit to any particular state or region, unlike other dress forms that have a set identity; it will always be a common form of attire that people living in all kinds of areas will follow.

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