Want to Buy a Delightful Chiffon Saree for Wedding or Daily Wear, This Guide will help You


What is Chiffon Saree?

Chiffon is a light weight fabric, which is in high demand due to its crepe like texture. Chiffon saree has a mesh like weave that gives it transparent appearance. The word Chiffon has a French origin which means a cloth. 

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Chiffon is primarily made from silk or synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon and polyester. This fabric is most commonly used to weave sarees.

Chiffon sarees are quite popular among Indian ladies due to its ultra-luxurious and highly fashionable look and feel. These sarees were popularized by the Indian royalties’ obsession with the fancy yet subtle fabric.

Chiffon Saree Fabrics Origin

The Chiffon fabric has an origin in ancient China and from there the fabric moved to all the places in the world. Chiffon fabric was brought to India by the British. 


The fabric was so versatile that the Indians started developing sarees with it. Since saree was one of the most worn clothing attire by women in India, the plain chiffon sarees became increasingly famous with the Indian women. 

Chiffon fabric belongs to the family of twisted yarn fabrics like crepe and georgette. Chiffon is lighter and more transparent than georgette. The Chiffon fabric was made exclusively with Silk until Nylon and Polyester fabric were introduced. 

Pure Chiffon was more expensive than the Synthetic Chiffon, due to its manufacturing from natural Silk fiber. Hence, the Polyester Chiffon blend became more popular because of its durability and economic viability than its Silk variant.


Chiffon sarees were considered as a sign of richness and class. The higher class women used to wear this saree. These days, a lot of attention is paid to the design and making of these sarees which has made a good looking chiffon saree, the dream of every girl.

The chiffon sarees usually come in light colours but the black chiffon saree looks really classy for every occasion. However, you can also go for the pastel shades that will compliment your skin tone. 

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How to Identify Chiffon Saree?

Chiffon saree is most popular in the form of sarees. Indian Chiffon saree is famous worldwide not only for its soft appearance but also for its rich appeal.


Chiffon sarees are fluid, light-weight, and semi-transparent, summer-friendly sarees made from chiffon fabric.

Given the see-through feel and delicate appeal of the fabric, these sarees have a certain romanticism attached to them.

They are indeed quite glamorous and sensuous. No wonder, you can associate these lovely, flattering sarees deeply with the Indian royalty.

Most chiffon sarees are plain and low on embellishments. Delicate, mesh-like chiffon is flowy, low-weight, sheer which makes it extremely suitable for sarees. 

You can make these sarees a part of your daily wardrobe, as they are very suitable for hot or humid weather, and offer a great fall/ drape.

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Sarees based on Chiffon Fabric

Bollywood movies have been publicizing the chiffon sarees where all the top actresses have been seen wearing these chiffon sarees in movies.


These sarees are so famous amongst the women of the country because of the best drape amongst all the other sarees available in the market.

It is important to know that chiffon may not be resilient to heavy embroidery, so these sarees offer delicate embellishments like Resham embroidered chiffon saree, lace borders, and many more.

Sarees made out of this Chiffon fabric are 6.30 metres in length and 1.14 metres (approx) in width. This 6.30 metres length is further divided as 5.50 metres saree and 0.80 metres as blouse piece and they both are connected through a thin single stitch.

Now, let’s talk more about the this saree. Sarees made on Chiffon are usually work and print sarees.


So what is the kind of work and print that you can find on a Chiffon saree?

Chiffon is a very versatile fabric, and hence the design and print on the chiffon saree are also one of the things to take into consideration.

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Printed Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees

There are just simply print chiffon sarees and the ones with zari work or stonework. But there are more different patterns of work on this saree.

Let’s talk about the latest patterns that are trending in Chiffon saree and look beautiful.

1. Plain Border Chiffon Sarees

This style is a plain saree based on chiffon fabric and has a beautiful zari border or resham border or broket border attached to the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


2. Resham Work Chiffon Sarees

This style has buttis made from resham all over the saree and a beautiful resham work Border woven through the edges of the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


3. Zari Work Chiffon Sarees

This style has buttis made from banarasi zari all over the saree and a beautiful banarasi zari work Border woven through the edges of the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


4. Stone Work Chiffon Sarees

This style has buttis made from stone fitted all over the saree and a beautiful stonework Border fitted through the edges of the saree. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


5. Printed Chiffon Sarees

This style has prints all over the saree and sometimes a lace Border attached at the edges of the saree.

You can find all the prints like block print, floral print, geometrical print, temple print, animal prints and many more on this saree type. Have a look at the below image so that you better understand this style.


This all-embracing variety makes chiffon sarees wearable for every place and event. And though Chiffon sarees are quite durable and strong, it requires gentle care as well.

  • Chiffon sarees should preferably be hand-washed or slow machine washed with extra care so that the fabric does not get frayed.
  • It is advisable not to wash these sarees with any other clothes especially in the first few wash cycles as it may bleed color.
  • Also, you should keep the duration of the wash cycle short as this fabric starts losing color if kept in water for a longer duration. 

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Chiffon saree is the true epitome of beauty. It can be donned easily as the fabric drapes beautifully around the body.


The crumpling texture of this saree looks quite unique and thereby, adds an exclusive stylish dash to your aura.

Being the light to wear, these sarees make a perfect choice for summer style. So beat the heat of summer with some cool looking chiffon sarees.

While our favourite type is the “Printed” style, we would love to know which type of Chiffon saree did you like the most. Therefore, tell us by leaving a comment below.

And let me tell you that you can wear beautiful chiffon saree on various ceremonial occasions or while going to the office as it imbibes a delicate, elegant and sober appeal which makes you look graceful wherever you go.

If this saree fabric interests you then Hindmata Market, Dadar is your perfect destination for buying chiffon saree wholesale. You will surely get a good variety of chiffon sarees in all types, and of great quality. A good quality chiffon saree price starts from Rs 350 and above.

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